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Why You Should Contact Shelley

When you contact Shelley you will instantly feel less overwhelmed, alone, and stressed regarding your elderly loved ones. Why?  Because Shelley is a licensed social worker and a certified senior care manager she understands how stressful and time consuming it can be for families to research, navigate and understand the complex maze of elder care.  As a LSW,  Shelley recognizes that we all have busy lives so when a crisis hits things can change drastically.  Whether it is finding additional home care services, mediate family meetings, advocating for your loved one, or selecting alternative housing-together we will  come up with the best possible senior living option for one's loved one(s) on their own.  You will instantly gain knowledge from her own personal and professional experiences and strong relationships with home care agencies and senior living facilities. 

 Often times guidance from a professional is needed as not all family members are in agreement as to what is right or wrong for their loved ones. In times of crisis, it is not uncommon for increased family conflict to surface when dealing with difficult, expensive and crisis decisions.  Shelley understands this and knows that  caring for and possibly moving a loved one is not an easy thing to do and that most families only want to do this once, so feeling like you made the BEST decision in the moment is key! 

 Once you contact Shelley you will have peace of mind as her motto is "finding the best senior living option together” - when you and your family works with Shelley you will instantly have access to her unlimited wealth of knowledge and the process. Her goal is to lift some of the additional stress off of your shoulders.  


Step 1:  You dial  952-607-5517 or contact Shelley here off of her website for her to do a complimentary in-person or a phone assessment to gather the necessary information about the current situation.  (usually 20 minutes). Together you will touch on the medical and safety needs, desires and wishes, home care or preferred senior housing  locations and finances.  

Step 2:  You will discuss with Shelley your loved ones and their current living situation and care needs and decide if you feel like working together would be a good fit and if your family wants to hire her for additional assistance and expertise.   

Step 3:  If you choose to hire Shelley, a service agreement will be signed and a retainer put in place.  (Advising services can be cancelled at any time and the remainder of the retainer will be refunded to you with no further obligation).

Step 4.  Your family can decide to what extent you want assistance with.  Call for an hourly rate and/or full service housing advising package.  Know if you hire Shelley from start to finish you will save tons of time and stress as Shelley has access to reputable home care agencies and senior housing facilities-she will know what facilities have openings and which ones would better meet your loved ones current care needs.  You will benefit by her scheduling tours on your behalf with the senior living facilities as this can often be time consuming and difficult!  This alone is a huge!  You will hear from Shelley re:  your tour schedule and  you will benefit by having her meet you at the facilities to accompany tour as well.  You will have a greater peace of mind having Shelley on each tour with you as she will insist that all of your questions and concerns are answered and knows what questions to ask to make sure that the best placement option is chosen.  Shelley will make sure that you have access to the right personnel of each facility!  

Step 5:  Once you and your family has decided upon the best living option,  you will still benefit with Shelley still  by your side.  She is there for you to assist with any other questions or concerns that you may have prior to and after your loved ones move.

Senior Living Options/ Ala Carte Services

By contacting and hiring Shelley you will gain all of her knowledge of the various reputable home care agencies and senior housing options today. You will benefit by her having an established relationship with the numerous agencies and facilities in your area.

  Shelley lives and breathes senior housing, she even teaches dementia and senior housing classes for Wayzata, Orono, and Westonka community education programs and also at the Edina Senior Center!  She is also a volunteer educator for the Alzheimer's Association as well. 

  Shelley has personally dealt with the complex maze of elder care the last 6 years with her own aging parents and in-laws.  She has dealt with the lack of appropriate home care, poor nursing home/skilled nursing care, family difficulties, deaths, funerals,cleaning and selling estates, Parkinson’s and currently her mother in law in memory care. 

 When hiring Shelley you will have knowledge in all of the senior living options listed below!

* in home care

* independent living communities

* assisted living communities

* Alzheimer's/memory care

* residential care facilities

* skilled nursing facilities

We are blessed in Minnesota with such amazing senior living options, not all states are as lucky as we are.  Having said this, senior care is not inexpensive, nor are all of the facilities alike, or staffed alike.  Some have much less turnover and have better reputations, this inside knowledge is what you get when working with Shelley.  You will have greater knowledge about what facilities insist on private pay and for how long, Medicaid/Elderly Waiver, etc.  Shelley also has lists of knowledgeable financial advisors, elder lawyers, moving companies, etc for your convenience.

A sampling of assistance:

locate transportation

assist to find a home care agency

mediate family meetings

attend a hospital, TCU or assisted living care conference

meet your loved one at a medical appointment and take notes for family

advocate for your loved one

guide re:  alternative housing

formulate a care plan

recommend a moving company

suggest a few elder lawyer for families to choose from

supply a family with other miscellaneous links and phone numbers

recommend a reputable TCU for rehab after a hospital stay

What Makes Shelley Stand Out

#1. Her passion to lessen your stress and help in such difficult times and with not easy decisions is what drove Shelley to open her own business in 2017.  She is not a franchise like her competition, she is her own small business, and a licensed social worker and certified senior care manager.  Advising comes from her heart, and this you will benefit from!  

#2.  You will benefit by seeing facilities that meet your desired criteria and will better meet your loved ones current or progressing needs.

#3  When you work with Shelley 

you will have access all of your options and will have been shared all that she knows/has heard about each facility; reviews, inspection reports,  ratings, feedback from previous families, etc so you you feel more content with your final senior living option.  If you have family members all of the Minneapolis-St Paul and surrounding areas, you will have no worries as she services this whole area.  

#4. Often times Shelley is able to save her clients money by negotiating rates or by explaining the ala cartes of assisted living or hidden costs that families often don’t know to ask about.  Not all facilities bill the same either, you will benefit by having her advising knowledge to this fact as well as many families need to know exactly what their invoice is going to look ike financially.  

#5.  You will benefit by hiring Shelley as she has access to which facilities have openings on a daily basis, whom to contact for a faster response, what means of financial payments are accepted and for how long, etc.   There is no need for you to place any calls as many won’t be the right fit or won't have  a current or soon apartment opening.  (Many established assisted living facilities have a 2-5 year wait list as well so hiring Shelley and being proactive is very helpful).


#6.  Every day I can see what facilities have openings, this is a time saver for both you and I in this process.  There is no need for you to place any calls as many won't be the right fit or have any openings.  From a nursing assessment to a care conference and from listening extensively to your family- together we will know what direction to take together.


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